Using your Linked In Profile as your CV


I just started looking for work over the last couple of days and generally have been pointing people to my linked In profile:


Nowadays, this pretty much represents my ‘up to date’ CV. 

Most people are happy to accept this but I had someone earlier today ask if he could get a more ‘conventional version’.

Here’s what I did:

1. Highlight which data you want to show on your CV:

First of all I logged into LinkedIn and went to my own profile page.  The meat of my content is in the left hand column, and so I highlighted all the information starting with ‘Background’

2. Do a ‘Print Preview’ to confirm you have the correct data:

Use the drop downs to preview just your selected text at 100%:


You can also modify the headers and footers to include your contact information (or whatever you wish)

3. Print!

I have FoxIt installed so in this instance I chose to print to a PDF file that i could then send on via email, but you could just as easily send it to your printer.


NB Here is the document that it created for me loaded back into the FoxIt viewer:


NB This trick works best in Internet Explorer (I am using version 11)

You can download FoxIt for free here:

I hope you find this useful, good luck with your job hunting (and yes, at the time of writing I am available for work myself!)


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