Walk Through: How to upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8


Usual disclaimers apply but this is the method I used successfully on a Nokia Lumia 710 and an LG Quantum:

After downloading the App (see bottom of page) and running you will be presented with the following dialog:


Click ‘Install WP7.8

I then got the following dialog and selected OK:


This took me to this URL which proceeded to download the tools.

I opened the download using WinRar:


There are two executables, one for 32bit and one for 64 bit.

I ran the 64 Bit version called “Setup-UpdateWP-x64.exe” which ran quite quickly.

I then returned to the first screen and tried again:

I was prompted to select a language:


I selected ‘English (United Kingdom’): and the update proceeded:


My device buzzed and I got the ‘do not unplug’ logo while the animated graphic (above) continued for around 10 minutes, at which time my phone rebooted and reported a sucesfull update. Checking the version under settings->about on the phone showed that I was now on version 7.10.8779.8

I repeated the above process, SevenEighter then proceeded to download, then transfer the updates. 


When done my phone showed the ‘do not disconnect’ logo and the process continued as previously.  After 5 minutes the phone rebooted.  This time it reported the version as being  7.10.8783.12

I repeated the cycle again and this time got  7.8!



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