Live Tile Browser


With the release of Silverlight 5 I thought I would take this opportunity to demo up an idea I have had to promote Live Tiles for Windows Phone (and Windows 8 I guess)*.


The idea is quite simple – a marketplace for Live Tiles for Windows Phone (and Windows 8 maybe). 

So I have put together an initial page featuring around 200 Live Tiles but can’t help thinking that something along these lines could be produced by Microsoft (or Nokia – that would be cool) to much better effect – and to the benefit of many Windows Phone developers! (Not to mention being a neat way to highlight one of the coolest features of the phone itself!)

Try it out and please feedback your thoughts, either via email ( or by comment below.

Here is the link for Silverlight 5 users:

1There is also a free app for windows phone here
(with more info on the app and developer opportunities here)

NB If you like the concept and would like to see Microsoft get behind it vote it up here


After getting some great feedback via the Channel 9 Coffeehouse (Thanks Maddus and ZippyV) and MVP “Joost” the design is coming on in leaps and bounds.  Still a way to go but it is starting to look like something useful! 

I kind of want to run it on one of those fancy BUILD Samsung slates  and start flicking the tiles around.  Sadly no fancy BUILD slate (and no touchscreen come to that since my faithful PDC laptop gave up the ghost last week)

So what have I learned so far?  If nothing else I am constantly reminded that I need to spend more and more time on design and promotion, less on coding (but no can do)! .


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