Nokia World 2011

For me this event marks a potential starting point for Nokia’s entry into my own development related world.  Sure I have owned a spate of Nokia handsets in the past, but that’s not what I‘m talking 2about.  For some time now there has been an excitement in the Windows Phone Development Community about the impact and opportunities that a collaboration between two giants, Microsoft and Nokia might bring.  What will it mean tor the likes of humble independent phone app developers?  Nobody is quite certain but the expectation is palpable!

“NOKIA Watch” was released shortly after the announcement  that NOKIA is to focus it’s future energies on the Windows Phone platform.  It is a simple, but pleasing App that takes the best of newsfeeds, blogs and videos from across the web and serves them up using the popular panoramic based control. 

I look forward to the day when I can see this App running on a NOKIA device and yes, I would love that day to be October 26th and yes, I would love to be holding a Nokia phone, running my App on Windows Phone, standing amongst a group of my piers in the ExCel Conference Centre in London!


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