How to buy a FireSale HP TouchPad in the UK


No guarantees of course but I have placed an order for a Touchpad via BundleBox and Barnes & Noble (any US retailer should work).   Looks like the cost after importing into the UK is $130.97 (which is roughly GBP 80.00). 

NB Someone just commented that this does not include the Courier cost to the UK – likely to be GBP40 or thereabouts! (Still great value)

The entire operation can be done from the above link – after ensuring that Barnes & Noble still have stock by clicking on this link: product.asp-EAN=886111788637&x=


Then purchase via BundleBox as follows:






Fill in your own credit card details, sit back and wait for the postie.

Best of luck but remember, try this at your own risk …


This looks to be proving popular – see the bundlebox blog:


Invoice raised against the purchased item:


Update 3:


Update 4:

It all ends in tears …


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2 thoughts on “How to buy a FireSale HP TouchPad in the UK

  1. The $130 doesn’t include the courier fee to UK though does it? That will add another £40ish I think.

    I’ve ordered through bundlebox too, but I registered for an account and then just had it posted from B&N to the bundlebox address.

    Fingers crossed!

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