Goblin Harvest (Update I)

imageWell I thought it time to give everyone an update on the progress we are making on ‘Goblin Harvest’, our first Mango specific game (as well as our first team based App).

As can be seen from the screenshots below great progress has been made on the functionality of the game, we also have an awesome soundtrack composed specially for the game by Jack Williams.  Some great sound effects and spectacular graphic special effects add to our excitement about this game!

Meanwhile Ian (Williams) is working on improving the game graphics in Expression Design while I battle the Mango Emulator on for me, one of the most exciting elements of the game – the “Quests and Trials”.  Without giving too much away these elements introduce a physical skills based element through manipulation of the new compass and gyro devices!*.

We are" currently on track for an early release, hopefully hitting the Mango launch itself. (And provided we can get our hands on one of the new hardware devices soon enough, it is going to be our most awesome release to date!)

“Beware the Marsh Fever”

* Don’t worry – the game will still be great fun on generation 1 devices with the “Quests and Trials” taking a slightly different path.

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