New App Hub Submission Walk Through


Anyone logging in to the new hub will be greeted with a prompt to agree to a new set of terms and conditions


and on acceptance will be welcomed to what at first appears to be the standard hub (the basic homepage remains the same).  But then the fun begins with the new Phone option (accessed from the ‘My Dashboard’ menu):


As can be seen above the reports have been enhanced and a number of summary and detail reports follow by way of example:


NB There is an option to export the data to Excel which opens the door to a wealth of other reporting options:


(Sad perhaps that this was my most successful app!)

From the App Highlight pane the following can be obtained:

1. Detailed download reports on each app (as above), with further details available such as the current status of an app within the ingestion process:


2. Daily crash report (with stack traces available as Excel Spreadsheet downloads – see below)

Stack Trace Data in Excel – Click to enlarge


Submitting an App

Clicking on ‘submit an app’ reveals the following screen:


(Note the option for the Private Beta – see my other post for a walk through of a Mango App)

The page that follows represents a ‘cleaned up’ version of a previous app hub submission at this stage:


Note the option to describe what has changed for this update.

Another useful addition is an option to ‘see how these images are used’ :

Pricing and Region availability also gets a facelift:


and finally a new option to submit but make hidden:



A nice touch is a direct link to the lifecycle page shown previously.


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