Marketing Your Apps – Polls & Surveys

Often times with a little thought you can dream up a poll that is in some way related to your App.  As well as gaining some valuable information from the results if a poll is popular it can also help to market your associated app. Taking my new ‘Gadget Watch’ app as an example the following potential areas of interest could be leveraged in the form of survey questions:

  • How do you like to consume your Gadget news?
  • How often do you check for new gadgets?
  • What is your favourite type of gadget?
  • Do you have an interest in ‘old’ gadgets?
  • Which Gadgets magazine do you read the most?
  • What is your favourite Gadget related web site?

and specific to the app itself:

  • Which feature is your favourite in Gadget Watch?
  • What features would would you most like to see in ‘Gadget Watch’?
  • How often do you check the ‘Gadget Watch’ App?
  • How does ‘Gadget Watch compare to other Gadget related Apps?

You have probably realised yourself that many polls (often in the form of a competition) ask questions related to features of the item they are promoting – often times this is only to promote the availability of the features themselves.  The competition/poll only being used as a vehicle for this express purpose.

In the spirit of this series of blog posts I have launched the following poll to surreptitiously highlight the features of this app!


Please take a second to respond to the poll!

NB There are a number of free options are around for hosting polls, I chose ‘Poll Daddy’ as it is affiliated with WordPress (who host this blog) .

Gadget Watch is available here

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