Marketing your Apps – Advertising SDKs (1)

imageHaving established overwhelming support from phone owners for ‘free’ apps (as opposed to trial apps) it is a logical step for developers to look at advertising SDKs as a means of monetising an application.  The most popular option being to provide a free ‘ad supported’ version that also has an option to upgrade to a (paid for) ad-free version.

At the time of writing the Microsoft advertising SDK is not available to any developers outside the USA so today I am taking a look at one of the other options that comes from SMAATO.COM.

Implementing the Smaato Advertising SDK for WP7

The basic signup process is relatively painless, you are asked to provide some personal details and your PayPal account in order that you can receive your ad income.

I began by entering details of my ‘Royal Wedding’ app, which resulted in me being given a link to download the SDK which consists of two layers:

  1. Presentation Layer, “SomaAdViewer”, which is the normal way to use the SDK, and,
  2. Communication Layer, “SomaAd”, which gives the developer more control. (The communications layer is used by the Presentation Layer to connect with the SOMA Ad Server and download the ads).

There is also an 8 page PDF developer document and a number of examples of how to integrate the SDK into your app(s).

Once a reference is made to the SOMA DLL a Soma Ad Viewer control (a Web Browser Control) appears in the toolbox and it is simply a case of dragging the control onto the design surface and setting a few properties as advised in the developer documentation.


The whole operation was pretty painless and the usability of the App doesn’t seem to be impacted too much.

NB I will post a breakdown of the earnings for this App in a future blog post.  Once it travels through the Marketplace ingestion process It can be viewed here:

The Royal Wedding



4 thoughts on “Marketing your Apps – Advertising SDKs (1)

  1. Did you have to do anything special in regards to the ad controls location services? My app failed certification as it didn’t have a policy on location based services and how the data is used?

    • The App has not made it through ingestion yet so may well fail for the same reasons. If it does I will post a note here. I have not done anything special with regard to location services

  2. I have been told by an MS evangelist that there is no problem using third party Advertsing SDKs. That said I am standing by with an option which allows users to switch off the location services – that is a reccomendation in the certification Requirments document (page 21). It is also important to ensure that if the user has switched off location services on their phone globally your app responds appropriately.

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