In App Marketing: “Why not Try …”

Once you have a few Apps in the marketplace why not  market them ‘in app’:




This can be a relatively pain free process, simply requiring either a block of templated code, or perhaps a specially built  DLL containing references to your apps. I opted for the former (I am a little lazy) and have some templated XAML:


which pulls it’s content in from an RSS feed on my own site here:

One of the advantages of adopting this approach is that, as I add new apps to the Marketplace, all my existing apps are updated with a reference to that new App.

Consuming any XML based feed in WP7 is as simple as reading Scott Guthrie’s blog:

Featured Apps:

NB There are other ways you can advertise ‘in app’ which I will explore in a future blog post.


3 thoughts on “In App Marketing: “Why not Try …”

  1. A viable technique indeed… however this approach has some problems that would require some workaround IMO. First of all, if there’s no network connection, no apps are displayed – this results in an inconsistent app experience. Second, you’re loading the images from the web which web requests will be executed in the UI thread. This will impact performance while download is happening, making the page you’re on a bit unresponsive while download finishes.

    I’d probably opt for either values hard coded in the XAML and images as contents in the project or implement caching of the feed and images to avoid the jerkiness when images loading.

    • Thanks, excellent points. I will update to include. (I have to be honest, I currently have the feed and images in the project which does have some benefits – was planning to update to remote RSS next time I open up the hood though).

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