New WP7 App – No Code


Having watched the film of the same name last week (truly excellent) a comment from my Uncle Harry led me to investigate a collection of 78rpm records in a ‘forgotten’ box in our loft.  Low and behold, an original recording of the speech made in the film of the same name – by the king himself!  I had been curious to hear the original speech and figured that others would be too, (hence this app).  After determining that there were no copyright issues (owing to the age of the record) I set about making a digital recording of the speech, cleaning it up as best I could for use in this app.  I collected some related text and images from Wikipedia to make the app a little more interesting and voila!

What I found interesting as a developer was that, on completion, I realised that I had used (next to) no code.  Not a conscious decision on my part but testament to the excellent tools available (Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend 4 and Expression Encoder 4).

I started off with the default Application (using the panorama template).  I stripped out the MVVM code (I know some of you would shoot me for this but, although I love the MVVM pattern, I had no need of it for this simple app).


Essentially I ‘hard coded’ the data as XAML – I find this easy to modify should I wish to make changes (in different circumstances I would have been tempted to make the App data driven for ease of maintenance).

NB When the app gets through ingestion it will be available from this link:

PS Look out for another infinite panorama background image – sweet!


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