Any colour as long as it is black


Henry Fords famous statement when asked about the colour of his new motor vehicle.

Of course, that was just fine, it was the only game in town, and it was a fantastic machine!  However, It wasn’t long before the market demanded something more, and it was a competitor that first offered multiple colours of automobile, Ford or course, had to respond quickly or risk future sales.

I am wondering if that is where we are with WP7 and the iPhone?  Will Apple now be forced to offer some additional options for the iPhone?  A slide out keyboard? A better camera? A larger screen? I suspect that if Windows phone is the success that it looks like it is going to be then history tells us that Apple will have no choice but to follow Microsoft. A bitter pill?  Not really,  probably just history talking.

There is a nice article on MS’ approach to their ‘hardware partners’ here:


2 thoughts on “Any colour as long as it is black

  1. If anything the limited hardware options for the iPhone are a good thing for me. The issue I have with Android and now Windows Phone 7 handsets is that there are a number of models on short life cycles. The manufacturer backs them all as the new best thing then 3 months later they have a new model which is the new best thing and your 3 month old model is no more.

    At least with the iPhone the only options I have to make are capacity, colour and to some extent budget and I know that it will not be replaced for 12 months and even when it is it will still be supported.

    I admit that choice is a good thing, however the flood of Android and Windows Phone handsets is really confusing. Hardware manufactures need to sell hardware, so they will always be pumping out new models. Apple are selling a platform, they make money from numerous different aspects such as the handset price, app store, music store, so the focus is not on hardware for them.

    The issue is how will software deal with having to run on numerous different displays, processors and RAM configurations.

    • I agree with you but in MS defence they have learned a lot from their experience with Windows Mobile and are bringing this to the table, as demonstrated by the tighter control over processors and general configuration. I think the situation still mirrors the ‘Henry Ford’ model with the only place left in the market for ‘single players’ being at the very top end niche (for superior, but overtly expensive products – Rolls Royce?). Other players in the market have to adapt and compete, or risk losing market share.

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