Shove Halfpenny (Shove Ha’Penny)

Shove Ha’Penny is a fun family orientated pub game from the UK (Wikipedia) .  Play takes place on a board with the objective being to ‘shove’ coins such that they come to a halt between the parallel lines painted on the board.  The game can be played by 1 or 2 players (or teams) with play lasting a matter of seconds, minutes or even hours, as desired (the game will automatically save when the phone is used for other purposes and resume where it left off).



A rolling score is maintained along with an indication of the efficiency of each player  (expressed as a percentage of the coins they have scored with).  Different coins can be chosen (UK, US and European) and a full set of rules (this is a simple game) are included.




In case there is any doubt, scoring coins are marked with a green blob, and non scoring with red.  Behind the game a sophisticated physics engine  gives play a surprisingly realistic element to gameplay.


2 thoughts on “Shove Halfpenny (Shove Ha’Penny)

  1. Sure thing. I’m focussing on some performance issues with a few of my other apps at the moment but will pick up on this as soon as I get chance.


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