Guathon, London

Another 4am start to the day, this time for my second ‘Guathon’ which was held in London at the Odeon, Shaftsbury Avenue.  

On arriving at Victoria station at 7am I decided that I had enough time to completely avoid the Tube and walk to the venue (if you have ever used the tube during the morning rush hours you will understand why).  Victoria to Shaftsbury Avenue can actually be quite a pleasant walk if you take the right route.  This time I decided on a small detour to see one of my favourite spots in London, Hyde Park Corner (The gates here are a favourite of mine after photographing them for ‘’ last year).  London,Kensington,Hyde Park Corner 1900s ThenFrom there its a short walk through Green Park and down Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus.  It was at this end of Shaftsbury Avenue that I bumped into Mike Ormond, who was also giving part of the talk today  (next time I see him I will apologise for not introducing myself properly – I seem to recall that I started off the conversation with something like ‘OK, do you know where it is then!?).

The Guathon was broken into sections  (I’m not going to attempt to cover this in detail, safe to say that there was definitely ‘something for everyone’ and plenty of opportunity for Q&A):

VS2010 and ASP.Net.4 (An overview from Scott which focussed on lesser know features of VS2010 as well as a demoing some of the great new features in ASP.Net 4.

ASP.Net & MVC (I bowed out of this session as I had arranged to meet an old friend)

Windows Phone 7 An excellent session from Mike Ormond who covered the basics of how to get started on this platform.  Especially welcome was a great overview/starter for XNA development in which Mike built an App to help us look for his lunch (!)

Web Futures  Another great session from Scott that covered some of the new technologies that have been announced over the last few weeks including the new “Razor” template syntax, “Code-First” EF4, IIS Express and SQL CE (the latter of which Scott suggested may well find its way onto WP7 at some point in the future).

In all a great day, thanks to the “DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper” team for organising it, Microsoft for sponsoring it, and to Scott and Mike for their excellent presentations.


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