Orcas Training Day 2

Tuesday, June 26 8:30 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 9:30 Introduction to the Microsoft Client Continuum
9:45 11:00 Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5
11:15 12:30 Introduction to Silverlight
12:30 1:30 Lunch
1:30 2:30 Essential Windows Presentation Foundation
2:45 4:00 Building Smart Client Applications with Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 using WPF and “Cider”
4:00 5:30 Hands-on lab
6:30  7:30 ADO.Net Entity Framework
Another busy schedule,  largely covering the more visible (exciting?) aspects of the new technology.  After being given an overview of the various client technologies, we were given given a demonstration walk through of a  VS2008  application.  Apparently the code is the same as that used in Expression Blend (1.0).  I had already played a little with Silverlight but picked up some useful tips from the Silverlight presentation.  Most of the group were following along with the sessions on the supplied high end machines, I took the time to try again at configuring the manifest file for my copy of the “Silverlight Surface” demo (see previous blog post).  It actually took me most of the day, but eventually I got around to reading the documentation (!) and uploaded my stuff to my streaming account: (a quiet, internal ‘woop’ followed)


The machines we were given were pre-configured with the following software and a number of Virtual Machines configured with hands-on labs:

Windows Vista
Office 2007
Visual Studio 2005 Team System Suite
.NET Framework 3.0
Windows Vista & .NET Framework 3.0 SDK
Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation
Visual Studio Extensions for WPF & WCF November CTP
Visual Studio “Orcas” Beta 1
Virtual PC 2007
Virtual PCs:
WPF Labs
Silverlight Labs
Longhorn Server Beta 3

At 12:30 I headed over to building 20 to meet up with some of the guys from Channel 9.  We stopped by Tim Sneath’s office, I had chatted with him at the Remix event in Madrid and remembered him from days of old in Reading where he used to speak at various dev events.  I left his office with a book on WPF under my arm and a smile on my face (these guys are real jokers,the place looks more like I imagine a ‘frat’ house looks than a global corporation!  Lunch in the staff canteen followed (real nice place, thanks Joseph) and it was a real pleasure spending time chatting about their various Microsoft histories.  These guys have great jobs, they know it, and rightly love it.  I headed back to building 18, my bag stuffed with Channel 9 guys courtesy of Charles! (I promised to distribute them to worthy causes back in the UK!)
The afternoon kicked off with a healthy dose of useful WPF information, courtesy of Kevin Moore – man this guy talks fast, but gives an excellent presentation.
Check out his demo at his Blog http://work.j832.com/.  A demo of the WPF designer in VS2008 followed.  Essentially this is the same codebase used in Expression Blend 1.0.
I spent the hands on labs time sussing out the Silverlight Streaming surface (managing to drown a couple of beers from the accompanying barbeque at the same time).  A bonus presentation from Eric Thompson followed which covered the use of, and thinking behind the new ADO.Net entity framework.

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